carpet rolls

You wouldn’t think new carpet cleaning would be necessary for your recently purchased and installed carpet. For the most part, the need to clean carpet is associated with dirt and stains. Odds are your new carpet doesn’t have dirt or stains yet but there is still a reason to hire Valencia carpet cleaners.

The reason brand new carpet shoud be cleaned is because of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) used during manufacturing, storing and transporting the rolls of carpet. These compounds include formaldehydes for preservation of the fibers.

There is a new car smell and a new carpet smell too. Unfortunately, that smell is toxic fumes emanating from the VOCs in the carpet. These toxic fumes are extremely intense for at least 72 hours after installation. You can reduce the fumes with ventilation in your home from ceiling fans and floor fans and opening your doors and windows the first few days. However, ventilation does not remove the VOCs from the carpet.

The VOCs will remain for a year or two or until you schedule carpet cleaning. The fumes will not be as intense after awhile but will remain as long as the VOCs are in place. The fumes can lead to headaches and respiratory issues.

You don’t want toxic fumes in your home if you live with babies or pets. You can rid your home of the fumes right away if you hire a carpet cleaning company in Valencia.

Healthy Choice Chem-Dry in Valencia, CA offers deep carpet cleaning to remove dirt, bacteria, allergens and VOCs from carpet.

We use carbonation and extraction to lift the toxins from the fibers and transfer them to disposal tanks for removal. This process rids your home of all VOCs and toxins for a truly fresh start and fresh carpet safe for babies and pets.

Then be sure to schedule an appointment with us once every 12 months and you can guarantee you will extend the lifetime and the quality of your new carpet for many years.

Call (661) 430-0699 for healthy carpet cleaning from Healthy Choice Chem-Dry.