green cleaning

You can now schedule green carpet cleaning in Valencia, CA with Healthy Choice Chem-Dry! You don’t have to settle for services that use gallons of cleaning chemicals, excessive amounts of water and soap for their carpet cleaning anymore!

You might not be aware of our carbonation cleaning process. This is because many homeowners in Valencia associate cleaning carpet with steam cleaning. The truth is that steam cleaning is the most common process for carpet cleaning but it is not the best and it is not green.

The steam cleaning process requires soap and detergents to lather and attract dirt and soils in your carpet. Then the steam cleaner subjects your carpet to gallons and gallons of water in order to rinse out the soap.

This is wasteful and not environmentally friendly. Your carpet shouldn’t be subjected to that much water either. Wet carpet can damage the fibers and lead to carpet mold.

Now you know why steam cleaning is not considered green carpet cleaning. Why is Healthy Choice Chem-Dry a green alternative?

We don’t use soap during our service. We don’t use detergent either. Instead of those cleaning products, we use a green-certified solution called The Natural®. You will love The Natural because it is on the FDA GRAS list and it provides healthier, superior results to soaps and chemicals.

The Natural creates millions of microscopic bubbles in your carpet. The bubbles then power together to lift dirt from deep within the carpet fibers. Then we use a Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) method to remove the solution and dirt and a small amount of moisture.

We provide healthier results and we don’t waste as much water. The Heatlhy Choice Chem-Dry process needs 80% less water than the steam cleaning process we outlined for you.

Don’t settle for chemicals and water waste. Hire a green carpet cleaning service in Valencia. Hire Healthy Choice Chem-Dry.

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