The first thing people think about for carpet cleaning Valencia companies are steam cleaners. The steam cleaning process has become synonymous with cleaning carpet but there are other ways, some better. One of the less known methods is dry carpet cleaning.

Do not confuse dry carpet cleaning with Chem-Dry. We will explain the difference below, but for now it is important to know they’re not the same process.

The dry carpet cleaning process is different from steam cleaning in that it doesn’t use water. The process is completely dry, as you might expect. The steam cleaning process is anything but.

To steam clean carpet, you need to use a lot of water. Several gallons, in fact. The reason that steam cleaning companies in Valencia need to use so many of gallons of water is because those companies use a lot of soap to remove dirt from carpet.

The reason this isn’t ideal for carpet cleaning is because soap is hard to rinse out of carpet. There isn’t a drain in the carpet, after all. Your carpet will be extremely wet when you hire a steam cleaner and extremely dry when you hire a dry carpet cleaning service.

The reason dry carpet cleaning is different from Chem-Dry is because it is 100% chemical-based. The entire process relies on corrosive chemicals dissolving the dirt and soils in the carpet. You avoid the water with steam cleaning but you still subject your home to toxic chemicals.

You can avoid the waste of water and the chemicals and hire Healthy Choice Chem-Dry instead.

Healthy Choice Chem-Dry in Valencia uses only green carpet cleaning solutions that are eco-friendly. We don’t waste water either because we don’t use soap. No chemicals. No soap. No water waste. You will love our service!

You receive a deeper, healthier clean and superior results. We have over 30 years experience serving homes and businesses in Valencia.

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