clean bathroom

Deep cleaning your bathroom can be a hectic task, however, with the right knowledge you can get it cleaned up without stress.

We have itemized tips and tricks to help get your bathroom sparkling in no time. Because bathrooms have different sections, e.g. toilet, shower, etc. it will require different techniques and equipment in getting them cleaned.

What You’ll Need

  • Tub and tile cleaner
  • Double-sided sponge
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Baking soda
  • Full-strength vinegar
  • Water
  • Brush
  • Grocery Bag
  • Towel
  • Detergent
  • Disposable Wipes. Etc.


  • Firstly, mix a measured amount of vinegar with plenty of water in a grocery bag, make sure the quantity of the mixture is enough to submerge the showerhead nozzle, tie it properly then allow for an overnight soaking.
  • Take the bag off in the morning then rinse with plenty of water. Also, use a washing machine with your regular detergent and a towel for scrubbing to clean the plastic shower curtains and liner.
  • Then hang it to dry.
  • In deep cleaning the shower doors, add a few drops of white vinegar to baking soda mix it into a paste, then apply to the door directly. Allow it for an hour, then use a soft cloth to rub.
  • Rinse with water and rub with a dry soft cloth.

The showerhead harbors a lot of bacterium when not cleaned for long, such mycobacterium is linked to pulmonary disease. In fact, millions of germs can get into the lungs just by turning on a dirty shower.

It’s best to adopt preventive measures, so, consider wiping all surfaces after showering and to lower room humidity level, leave windows open.

Tile, Walls, Ceiling

  • Using all-purpose cleaner, spray all bathroom surfaces e.g. tiles, countertops etc. walls and ceiling.
  • Turn on the shower, allow the hot water to flow for about five minutes to build steam.
  • Stop water flow, then allow the steam and cleaner to mix for 20 minutes while you’re outside.
  • Rub all surfaces with a soft clean cloth. Use a microfiber mop to clean high surfaces. Make sure you wipe the tiles also but remember it should be the last surface you clean.

The above steps are necessary because, soap, dirt and skin cells leave behind a microscopic film.

Use car wax once a year to slow watermarks formation in bathrooms. For untiled walls and ceilings, mildew resistance paint can help with that.

What You’ll Need:


  • Pour a cup of baking soda into the bowl. Allow it for a few minutes—scrub with a brush and flush.
  • If the stain is still there, use a damp pumice stone, although it’s rough enough to get rid of stains from mineral deposits and lime scale, yet, doesn’t damage surfaces.
  • Next, you have to clean the toilet brush itself, make sure you do this after each use. Follow these steps to get it cleaned, ensure the brush handle is between the seat which has already been cleaned and the basin so it hangs over the bowl—pour bleach on the brisle part.
  • Allow for few minutes, rinse with clean water. Next, place the brush into a container filled with warm water and allow for some time; dispose the dirty water into the toilet.
  • For hard to reach areas, you can buy a light-duty electric pressure washer.

Evan after flushing, bacteria can still be in the toilet, it becomes a necessity to always keep your bathroom clean.

The best practice is to always close the lid when flushing to reduce the spread of bacteria, also ensure to store your toothbrushes etc. inside the medicine cabinet.


  • For the drain, pour either white vinegar or baking soda then flush with warm water.
  • For the liquid controller, it is required that you use sterilizing wipes, which reduces bacterial infections.
  • Using clothes as wipes is not advisable, however, if you must use it, make sure they are disposed of. Ensure you flush the faucet when done.

We should focus more on sink drain because it harbors the highest concentration of bacteria even more than the toilet seat. You can rub baby oil on the soap bowl to prevent the bar from sticking and sliming up.

Ventilation & Grout


  • Start by switching off the circuit breaker.
  • Next, remove and immerse cover in warm water containing a detergent.
  • Then get gunk out of the blade using vacuum’s nozzle; rub with a damp soft cloth. Also, get dust particles out of the motor and other parts by using a stiff clean paintbrush.
  • Allow it to completely dry before replacing.

For best practice, ensure your fan is switched on while showering and allow for 30 minutes afterward to keep moisture in check.


  • Immerse a grout brush into direct bleach and brush stained areas then rinse with clean water.
  • It is a good practice to have grout professionally cleaned at least once a year.

Always make sure the bathroom is well ventilated. Ensure you brush the grout regularly to prevent bacteria growth. To prevent moisture, seal grout every six months.

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