There are several common causes for carpet odors. The reasons for odors in your carpet range from stains to general wear and tear. Learn how to identify the carpet odors in your home and how to prevent them in the future:

It won’t be too difficult to identify odors from carpet stains if you are aware of the stain when it occurs. The stain will emanate an odor from the food or liquid or over time the contents of the stain can spoil and rot and produce another type of unpleasant smell in your carpet. In this case you should act fast. Find a white cloth and dampen it. Then blot the stain around the edges and then inward. This will absorb most of the stain and the odors from it.

The problem is sometimes you are not aware of the stain. Perhaps your child spills something or drops something and doesn’t tell you. Then it could be weeks before you notice it and it will be much harder to remove the stain and odor on your own. In these cases, it will require you to hire a Valencia carpet cleaner to permanently remove the odor and the stain from your carpet.

A stain that is hard to identify by sight but easy to smell is pet urine. These stains are high in ammonia and produce a pungent odor instantly noticeable. This is a problem because the ammonia smell encourages your dog to continue to urinate on that spot of your carpet over and over again. This only increases the smell and the damage to your carpet. Pet urine stains require professional attention from a carpet cleaning company in Valencia, CA.

Healthy Choice Chem-Dry offers PURT® for pet urine stains and odors. The PURT system effectively and efficiently removes 99% of urine odors from your carpet.

The last reason for carpet odors is wet carpet. You never want your carpet to be wet for extended periods of time. Any time longer than an hour or two is too long. If carpet is wet for too long it starts to produce a musty, unpleasant odor. You can’t remove this smell on your own because it comes from deep within the carpet pad and fibers. To remove the must you need to schedule deep cleaning for the carpet. In worse cases, wet carpet leads to mold growth and the mold has an odor that can be toxic and lead to headaches and other health issues.

You can limit the carpet odors in your home with routine vacuuming, proper ventilation and potty-training your pets. For carpet cleaning, hire a service that doesn’t saturate your carpet during their cleaning process. This means you should avoid cheap carpet cleaning companies and steam cleaning companies in Valencia, CA. The process of steam cleaning requires a lot of water.

Healthy Choice Chem-Dry carpet cleaning uses one-fifth of the total water necessary for steam cleaning. This eliminates the potential for carpet mold or saturated carpet and musty odors forming. This also means it won’t be long for your carpet to dry after an appointment from Healthy Choice Chem-Dry.

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