safe pet

Pet owners must consider the safety of their dog or cat at all times and ensure their home is pet-friendly too. There are many things in a home you would never think could harm a pet but a lot of things can. That includes cleaning products and services like carpet cleaning. Now you might ask, “is carpet cleaning safe for pets?”

That’s a good question because you don’t want to risk the health and safety of your pet in order to enjoy clean carpet but clean carpet is necessary for a healthy and beautiful home. It is a dilemma.

We recommend you investigate Valencia carpet cleaning companies and services to better understand their processes and the chemicals or solutions used for their carpet cleaning method.

You will come to find that many cheap carpet cleaners use too much soap and detergents for their process. These soaps and detergents could cause unexpected reaction or effects on animals if not rinsed out of the carpet after the service.

Other steam cleaning service use a acid rinse solution designed to rinse out soap, dirt and water from carpet and you will want to know the effects of that solution on your pet.

To be completely safe you should consider Healthy Choice Chem-Dry. You can research our carpet cleaning process here:

We don’t use any chemicals or soap. We use The Natural® and carbonation to lift dirt out of carpet. Our equipment uses powerful suction to extract and remove germs and bacteria for good.

You can even go further and request P.U.R.T.® from Healthy Choice Chem-Dry. P.U.R.T. is an innovative pet urine odor removal that is able to remove 99% of pet odors from carpet and upholstery.

This means that not only is our carpet cleaning safe for pets but that we offer services designed specifically for pet owners.

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