baby on carpet

You need to do a lot of things to prepare for a new baby and after a newborn comes home for the first time. You need to build the crib and buy diapers and so much more. You might forget to schedule carpet cleaning. You want your home to be 100% clean if a newborn lives there. But is carpet cleaning safe for babies?

To find carpet cleaning safe for babies, you need to research the local carpet cleaners in Valencia to learn more about their service and the chemicals each one uses for their process.

There are some Valencia carpet cleaning companies that use a lot of soap and detergents that contain ingredients that could cause rashes or skin infections on a newborn or even some minor respiratory issues.

Many cheap carpet cleaning companies use too much water for their service too. Their process uses soap and then the soap has to be rinsed out of the carpet with gallons and gallons of water.

There are steam cleaning services that use an acid rinse instead of so much but you don’t want a newborn around anything that has to do with acid either.

To be sure your newborn will not suffer any ill effects from hiring a carpet cleaner, call Healthy Choice Chem-Dry.

Healthy Choice Chem-Dry offers carpet cleaning safe for babies that doesn’t use chemicals or soap. The service relies on green cleaning solutions and carbonation to eliminate germs and dirt from carpet and even offers allergy relief.

The process is recommended in the industry and by carpet manufacturers and our cleaning agent, The Natural®, is on the FDA GRAS list.

Don’t take chances when it comes to the safety of your baby. Avoid carpet cleaners that use chemicals and soap.

Call (661) 430-0699 for Healthy Choice Chem-Dry and carpet cleaning safe for babies.