Allergy sufferers are always on the lookout for new remedies or ways to reduce their symptoms. No one wants to deal with allergies in their own home. One way to reduce allergens in your home is to schedule carpet cleaning for allergy relief.

There is no single place in your home where you will find more allergies than in your carpet. Your carpet is a giant filter on the floor of your home so allergens, dirt, toxins and particles all settle onto it and are trapped in the fibers.

You will find dust, dust mites and microscopic allergens in carpet. If you own a pet there will be pet hair and pet dander too.

You can rid your home and your carpet of allergens if you hire the right Santa Clarita carpet cleaners for the job.

All carpet cleaning companies are able to remove dirt from carpet but some use too much water that sometimes leads to mold or bacteria growth. Others advertise the ability to remove allergens from carpet but require chemicals to do so.

Your best choice for carpet cleaning for allergy relief is to hire Healthy Choice Chem-Dry in Valencia, CA.

Healthy Choice Chem-Dry carpet cleaning uses green cleaning solutions and carbonation to lift embedded allergens deep within carpet fibers to the surface before our Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) equipment removes and disposes the particle from your home.

This method of carpet cleaning removes over 98% of allergens from your carpet for a healthier home and cleaner air.

Your air will be even cleaner if you include sanitizer in your service. Chem-Dry sanitizer is proven to remove 89% of bacteria from a home’s air.

If you have never considered professional carpet cleaning Santa Clarita services to fight allergens in your home, now is the time to schedule an appointment with Healthy Choice Chem-Dry.

Call (661) 430-0699 to schedule your appointment today and visit for more information on our service.

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