Do you notice browns spots appearing after a steam cleaning appointment in your home? This is a common occurrence. This is called carpet browning and it happens when carpet gets too wet for too long. Learn more about why your carpet turns brown after steam cleaning or using rental carpet cleaning machines:

The process of steam cleaning carpet is very popular. There are more carpet cleaning companies in Valencia that offer steam cleaning than any others. This doesn’t mean that steam cleaning carpet is the best method. There are several negative side effects to this service and one is carpet browning.

When you a hire a steam cleaner in Valencia, he arrives at your home and sprays a soapy solution on your carpet. The soap permeates your carpet and lathers and attracts dirt. This sounds good in theory, but then the soap needs to be rinsed from the carpet. The rinsing requires a lot of water. Too much water. It’s almost impossible for a steam cleaner to extract 100% of the water.

This means after the steam cleaner leaves your home your carpet will still be very wet. If too much water is left in the carpet it will filter to the carpet pad. Then during evaporation, the water will return to the surface and contain deep soil and dirt extracted from the pad. This is why your carpet turns brown.

The problem is you can’t just clean up this stain with a cloth or vacuum. The stain is the result of deep dirt on the pad. You will need to hire another carpet cleaning Valencia service to clean up the spot.

This time, schedule a company that doesn’t use so much water.

Healthy Choice Chem-Dry needs 80% less water than steam cleaners. We don’t use soap so we don’t need to rinse as much. Less rinsing means less water.

We extract the deep soils from the carpet pad and eliminate surface-level dirt and allergens from carpet. Your home will be healthier and your carpet is drier after the service!

Don’t deal with carpet browning ever again. Call Healthy Choice Chem-Dry in Valencia at (661) 430-0699 for an appointment.